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Hydraulic motors

Düsterloh hydro motors have been in successful use in industry for decades.

Their well though-out design and sturdiness guarantee top reliability even under difficult operating conditions.

In connection with downstream brakes and gears, drive solutions in a wide range of variants are available.

The rotary speed and capacity of Düsterloh hydro motors can be set quickly, precisely and in infinite settings, which makes the motors particularly suitable for regulating tasks on machines with greatly varying capacity requirements.

As actuating drives, stepper motors or self-regulating run-on motors – triggered directly through servo units – they have proved their suitability as precision drives over and over again, even in the field of extremely small rotary speeds.

The areas of application range from mining to tooling machines and vehicle engineering through to a wide range of applications in plant engineering.


- Displacement 3-5278 cm³/rev

- Operating pressure up to 315 bar

- Capacity up to 190 kW

- Torque 0.15-24343 Nm

- Speed range 2-5250 rpm




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